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Jason Clarke photo

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke, Education Foundation of Niagara volunteer and educator with DSBN for 18 years can be described as ‘boots on the ground’ when it comes to his involvement with the Foundation’s Annual Road Race. 

He became involved with the Road Race 6 years ago.  As an elementary vice-principal, Jason was a good match to act as a liaison between the committee and sponsors, promoting the Road Race to fellow school administrators to encourage staff and student involvement and sponsorship.

Jason knows first-hand how the Education Foundation of Niagara helps our community families with projects such as Glasses for Classes,  Breakfast Clubs and providing funds for useful school-based extra-curricular equipment.

Today, Jason’s involvement in the Foundation’s Road Race includes obtaining sponsorships, documenting the day in photos, bringing the grill, working behind the scenes wherever he can help, and running the race himself with his family.  He sees his participation as one small way to ‘give back to the community’.


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