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Pam Voth

Pam Voth

Pam Voth is both an Education Foundation of Niagara perpetual donor and volunteer with the Foundation's Trivia Night and Annual Road Race.

As an educator and principal, Pam is passionate about providing rich experiences for students and ensuring a level field of opportunity for all students.  When she was principal of a school whose community base has not seen as many advantages or opportunities as other communities in the region, Pam learned first hand the difference that the Education Foundation of Niagara’s resources can make for a child.  She jokes that she had the Foundation on ‘speed dial’.

Pam expresses why she supports the Foundation and has also enlisted her sorority as supporters:

‘The Education Foundation of Niagara is an organization that provides direct assistance where there is a deep need.  It is because of the Foundation’s Special Events grants that young minds can have experiences such as Young Writers workshops or a careers conference.  It is the look on a parent’s face when they learn that their child can go with classmates on a field trip, or the cost of much needed medication or eyeglasses will be covered.  The Education Foundation of Niagara is very much an ‘in the trenches’ organization that provides easy and quick access to financial resources without the too familiar red tape.  It is one of the best ways to spend your donor dollars or volunteer your energies because the payoff goes directly to the kids in our communities.”


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