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Thorold Music

Thorold Music

“. . . . And the Beat Goes On”

For well over 50 years, Thorold Music has been the ‘go to’ for music equipment, lessons and repairs, supporting musicians, individual arts teachers and individual schools in curricular and co-curricular programs throughout the peninsula.  They play an integral role in the music scene in Niagara by providing corporate sponsorship for Brock Centre for the Arts, In the Soil, providing hundreds of dollars in donated equipment and discounted rentals for fundraising events, and as support for aspiring musicians involved in SCENE, and behind the scenes technical support for many community and educational events.  Even when Thorold Music suffered a devastating fire in 2008 and was forced to close its doors for 8 months, undeterred, they continued to provide support and repairs for many musicians and music educators during that time of reconstruction.

Leonard Moretti, the owner of Thorold Music, has a goal: to provide support, encouragement and exceptional service via a knowledgeable, approachable and helpful staff.   One of those staff members is Ryan Ossinger who has been with Thorold Music for 12 years and is a personal volunteer with Garden City Productions.  He explained how Thorold Music has a commitment to support and encourage music education in our community and in Niagara’s schools.  “We feel that music is a very important part of personal growth, and that each child should have the opportunity to play an instrument.” 

So being involved with the Education Foundation of Niagara’s Make Change for Children was such a good fit.  Thorold Music provided $1500 to the second place school, Applewood Elementary, for equipment and services and will assist the school in determining how to make the best use of the funds.  Again, when approached by the Foundation to participate in the trivia night, Beat The Brainiacs, Tanya Ace, administrative co-ordinator, readily organized a team and Thorold Music bought a table.  It was another way “. . .to give back to our community.”  That evening, “. . . when the Thorold Music table was called upon for our round, we were met with tremendous applause.  Receiving that kind of response really let us know that we in turn are very much a part of this community, and that our efforts make a difference.”

2013 saw the start up of Thorold Music's Quarter Note Music Arts where discounted music lessons are offered to students from DSBN, Niagara Catholic schools, Niagara College, Brock University, Ridley College and any student who wishes to develop his or her music skills. Those at Thorold Music “are passionate about the Education Foundation of Niagara's causes.  We hope to encourage other Niagara based businesses to continue supporting the youth of our community.”


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