Good Reasons to Fundraise with SparkFund


It’s easy to help your DSBN students,  your DSBN school.

You have a vision!  You have a cause that matters!  

You have a project that is not government funded.

SparkFund lets you easily create and share your project!  A high impact page will inspire others to support your goal!

Since projects are approved by a peer review committee before they are launched, alignment with DSBN priorities is built into the process.


Dedicated, secure on-line platform!

Donations stay in your community and go directly to your school, three times a year.  Guaranteed.

There is no fee for you to register your project! 


Instant charitable tax receipts.

Your donors will receive an electronic charitable tax receipt for 100% of their gift within minutes of making their online donation!  At income tax time, charitable tax credits can be claimed.

Many for-profit platforms do not issue charitable tax receipts.


Low processing fees.

Our 5% administration fee is lower than most for-profit platforms. It covers on-line processing fees, with the remainder invested in the Foundation dedicated to helping DSBN students and schools.


You’re working with a trusted partner.

Together, we create synergy. The Foundation can help with social media and on-line exposure. When applicable, we can suggest sources of grant funding.

Your fundraising potential increases! We are here to help.